Consumer beware: Obamacare scammers

Consumer beware: Obamacare scammers

According to the local Better Business Bureau;

Obamacare is coming, and so are the scams

Scammers are using the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly labeled as “Obamacare,” as the latest opportunity to steal people’s identities. Consumers across the country allege that scammers are contacting them by phone, fax, email and even in person. And as we get closer to Oct. 1, when health care enrollment begins, Better Business Bureau and security experts warn that the problem will only get worse. BBB offers the following tips to help you spot a health insurance fraud:

If you receive a suspicious call, hang up the phone. Be sure not to press any buttons and report the incident.

Never give out personal information including date of birth, credit card or social security number.

Don’t rely on caller ID. Some scammers are able to falsely display a company’s name or number.

Inform your bank, credit card providers and credit bureaus in the event you give your information to a fraudster.

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